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Mustang Logistic Limited offers the safest, most secure, most stable and most reliable logistics services. We have only been in logistic industry for a few years and owned various light and medium goods vehicles. Some contain refrigerated truck bodies for frozen food transportation. Our major strength comes from our experienced staff who gain our customers' confidence. We provide services targeting every industry, regardless of the volumes, we will carefully arrange daily transportation routes and make flexible deployment.

Although the development of logistics industry has evolved in decades in Hong Kong, traffic congestion remains the major obstacles. According to the statistics, there are an average of forty traffic accidents per day, in addition of temporary traffic diversions on all festive events, we need to make immediate amendments based on road conditions and the latest news. 

The only key for success is performing as perfect as we can. Our daily delivery is on time; In order to avoid any unexpected traffic conditions, we keep updates on road status at all time; we have assigned a specialist answering customer enquiry. GPS system is installed on every vehicle to help management more efficiently. Mustang Logistic Limited adopt a positive attitude to fulfill our commitment of superior service quality.

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