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Mustang Catering Management Limited

We offer a wide range of restaurant management services and our prime priority is to improve efficiency. Our services include personnel management, brand management, food quality control and cost control.

Personnel Management
Lack of manpower in catering business has long been a problem in Hong Kong. Our recruitments are from various platforms. We establish a clear positioning and provide in-service training for employees. By effectively reducing employee turnover, distribution of manpower is kept in finest status.

Brand Management
Hong Kong is regarded as a gourmet paradise where East meets West. The growth of cuisine has been on the rise in recent years. Brand management has become more crucial as restaurants face such a huge competition. We provide strategic marketing positioning, market research and other regular market analysis for food and beverage brands. As to expand market share, we participate in all major F&B exhibitions and large-scale activities.

Food quality control
Food safety has always been a major concern among the public. All our restaurants follow ISO22000: 2005 food safety management system and provide guidance and criteria for the food factories. Annual ISO certification for inspection and evaluation are arranged in hope of achieving world-class level of workplace environment hygiene and food handling practices, giving complete faith and confidence to the customers.

Cost control
Running catering business is not easy nowadays, cost management is often the main subject of sustainable development in business. As wages and food ingredients are on the rise in Hong Kong, we tailor-make cost control plan for restaurants to reduce over-spending in all aspects, such as ingredients, labor, machinery, maintenance costs, transportation costs.

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